Interview Series: Meet Steve Plain

We recently caught up with Steve Plain, who returned from The Andes near Peru reaching the summit of 3 tallest mountains, namely Yanapaccha (5640m) and Alpamayo (5947m) and Chopicalqui (at a staggering 6534m)!

Steve is a regular guy, not having done any professional training or any mountain climbing trips a year ago, he just decided one day to pursue his dreams.

Apart from sub-zero temperatures, snow storms, low oxygen, cameras that refused to work in the cold and near vertical climbs, Steve faced his biggest challenge even before he stepped off the plane!

What was it you ask? Find out this and more in this short video interview.

Note: Apologies for the poor sound quality however be sure sure to watch till the end as well worth it.


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Temperatures so cold that even Steve’s camera on his phone would not to work




Steve’s mountain climbing achievements – that’s a lot of steps.

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mind-power1 totalmoneysq300


View of the summit of Chopicalqui – quite a view looking up


Mountain trekking in the beautiful Andes


The right equipment for the job – ice optional


Reaching the summit  Alpamayo – gooooaaall!

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