Have you ever wanted to check rents while overseas?

Have you ever wanted to check rents with ease while overseas? Or better yet, organise repairs to your property while travelling? All while keeping the tenant informed! Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, wait no more as it seems that RealRenta has solved your dreams.

RealRenta is revolutionising the investment property ownership experience by cutting out the middle man and streamlining self management.

At DIY, we love tools that put you in control of your investment, and most importantly save you time and money!


cloud based rental management platform

Cloud based rental management platform

While things are never going to be a true hands off experience, the RealRenta platform helps to automate those ordinary tasks like checking rents, updating ledgers, issuing invoices and issuing late rent notices.

RealRenta can also help to organise repairs and maintenance via their tenant notification platform. Tenants then can notify the owner that the job has been completed.

When it comes to lease renewal, RealRenta send tenants a notice about continuing on and if need be help to find a new tenant. RealRenta can upload your advert to major websites such as RealEstate.com.au to find prospective tenants.

While you as a landlord still need to be involved in regard to home opens, inspections and end of lease handovers, RealRenta provides a convenient cloud based platform that saves you time.


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The times have changed, so its good to change with them.

Monthly plans start at $39/month and for a limited time they are offering 2 month FREE trial.

Supplement this the DIY Toolbox and you have a force to reckoned with! Take that Darth!

To find out more about self managing, go to Should you self manage?.


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