What is DIY Property Life?

Financial education of the highest quality around

DIY Property Life is an social enterprise to help you get motivated about property investing with the aim to retire early. We are fully independent and not funded by real estate agencies or government groups. DIY Property Life is part charity and part business with proceeds from everything we do going to charity. Our site is education based and focus on strategies that build a passive income to supplement or complete replace your active income. We make products that make life easier!

We are solely an education based business!

That’s right! We do not earn a commission from sale of property and nor do we hope to. We leave that decision up to  you! We offer personal consultations tailored to your level of need, offer investment books and . Hence we are supported by our members. We provide a lot of free content and it is free to register on diypropertylife.com. When you are ready to take the next step, enquire about a DlY Property Life membership. Learn more 

Charity focussed

DIY Property Life does not intend to make a profit and provide our services to improve the community. We aim to support our charity of choice which is the The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. Part proceeds from sales go to the PCH Foundation and to supporting the improvement of children hospital facilities. Learn more about PCH Foundation.



Why we do this? 

Today, we live in a society the encourages us to spend more that we earn. It’s unbelievable! Credit cards, car loans, home loans are all drawing down on our future earnings such that we are unable to stop working. So when does it all stop? Believing that is important to become self-sustainable as soon as possible from entering the workforce, our goal is to avoid the drain that financial pressures have on all of us and encourage individuals to make a difference.



Are you selling real estate? 

We absolutely do not sell real estate, nor affiliated with any real estate company. So that way our content stays independent and we can present the facts.



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